Bedhead - Hats - Size - XXS - 37cm - 0 - 3 Months

Bedhead - Hats - Size - XXS - 37cm - 0 - 3 Months
Price: USD $18.92
RRP: USD $24.55
Bedhead hats are renowned for their softness. They are lightweight and comfortable over the ears and back of the neck making them the perfect baby, toddler and adult sun hat. Whether you have a baby in a pram, a toddler at daycare or a small child at the beach, you will not regret putting them in a bedhead hat! They are so comfortable, your child is likely to forget they're even wearing it. 
  • Rated UPF50+ Excellent Protection
  • Tested in accordance with Australia & New Zealand Standards 4399
  • Sun-Smart recommended brim depths
  • Wash & Wear - gentle cold machine wash and line dry in the shade
  • 'Return to' label to help hats get home safely
  • Stretch chin strap with adjustable toggle 
  • Swim hats - Made from 100% PBT Nylon stretch knit
  • All other hats - Made from 90% Cotton and 10% Elastane jersey 
The collections of colours and pattern options are an absolute bonus.  
 The Soft Stroller Brim – Bucket Hat is perfect for little ones who are in a pram. The soft brim on the hat flattens as their head sits against the back of the pram ensuring their comfort.  With other brands the stiff brim becomes uncomfortable and often results in the hat being removed by your baby or toddler. The brim is made from a felt insert, meaning it keeps its shape but is still soft and cosy when bub is leaning back in a pram or carrier. 


 The Legionnaire - Hat Super soft and light on heads, this hat is designed for use in prams, carriers and car seats thanks to the neck flap that lies comfortably flat when baby does. A foam insert in the brim keeps it upright so baby can look out, and can be angled to detract glare or sun.





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